Investing Globally, While in the Philippines

Would you like to participate in the growth of the following global companies namely:

  • Apple
  • Facebook
  • Google
  • Amazon
  • Microsoft
  • Tesla

in Philippine Pesos instead of US Dollars?

Then invest in the World Equity Index Feeder Fund,

short-cut “WEIFF” or “global funds

Clients can’t help but feel sad when they see their portfolios lose money

But who are the ones who did not lose money during these trying times?

These are the companies that are valuable because people use their products or services

especially when everyone is working from home

Before I recommended this fund to my clients, I tried it first in November 11, 2020

I switched my investment from the Philippine Stock Index Fund

The price per unit of WEIFF at that time was 1.0630

Last Friday September 24th, the unit price closed at 1.3431

That is 26.35% growth in almost 10 ½  months!

I started sharing this fund to my clients so that their losses in the equity, index, balanced, or bond funds can be reversed in WEIFF

As of July 12, 2022, the NAVPU dropped to 1.2346

There is an upside potential of 8.79%

Think about the companies I mentioned

Do you think Apple, Facebook, Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Tesla will lose customers in the future?

Do you think that their business will still grow?

Then invest in WEIFF

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