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Avee My Churchmate

Aeve, my churchmate, was discussing her life insurance plan with me while I filled out the necessary forms. She then took a stolen shot photo of me.

When I was building, I asked my cousin how I was able to help her. She is the same Millennial cousin I was talking about who took a life insurance policy with a guaranteed pension, and also opened a Money Market Fund.

When I wrote about the Money Jars in my old blog, a Mom from UAE gave this feedback and even took a picture of the jars she created.

My millennial cousin asked me to help her get another life insurance policy with a guaranteed pension. During our conversation, I also informed her about the Money Market Fund, which offers tax-free, safe savings with higher interest than the bank.

In 2017, a random person messaged me about how I was able to grow my money in the stock market from 24,000 to 300,000. I shared steps and in the end, this is what she said.

I have developed a practice of creating User Manuals with step-by-step instructions for investing. Whenever my clients ask, I can just provide them with these manuals.

During the pandemic, I sent a form to Sun Life on behalf of my client who needed money and was planning to withdraw her dividends. The next day, the proceeds were already deposited into her bank account.

This came from a millennial client who loves to travel. Every time she travels, I ask Sun Life to provide proof of insurance as part of her travel documents. Right now, she is working overseas. 

In 2014, my colleague from my previous job as a Quality Assurance specialist opened a plan with a guaranteed cash value. When the pandemic hit, she needed money for her twins, and she was able to borrow from the cash value of her policy within just five days.

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