Meet Bart

The person behind the Bart Dream Maker

I love numbers. So much so that I have a Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics. It was easy for me to invest in the stock market once I understood the system. In 2013, when I gained at least 30% of my investment capital, I became talkative on Facebook sharing about that experience. I taught whatever hack I learned about earning, preserving and multiplying money, and I share them with my clients and friends. I was dubbed as the “Google” of my colleagues because of the wealth of knowledge that I share whenever they ask questions.

I love music. I sing, I compose, I play the guitar, bass or piano. I took short courses at the UP College of Music Extension Program in 2011, just for fun. If I did not pursue a career in information technology or finance, I would have been a composer.

I love to travel. My first overseas travel was in 2006. I have been traveling Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao since 2010.

I love learning. I seek out the courses that I find interesting, even the paid ones. If I find the speaker or trainer to be brilliant, I would send them a message and ask my questions. Surprisingly, all of them would reply. And that is how they become my mentors and friends.

I devour books. I have more books than wardrobe.

If there is one unique fact about me, I was my high school’s representative to the Battle of the Brains. We did not win, but still! It was fun and memorable.

Some people say I look like Kris Aquino when I have make up on 🙂

We can talk about anything under then sun 🙂

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